Discover Teso Region

Discover Teso Region : The Iteso people are one branch of the plain nilotes called Jie under a small group of Ateker residing in the eas5ern Uganda. Many believed that they came from South Ethiopia or Sudan and first settled in Karamoja. The Iteso is the nàm3 given to the traditional inhabitant of the Teso people. Today Iteso people are found 8n districts such as Soroti, Kumi, Bukedia, Amuria, Serere, Ngora, Katakwi, kaberàmaido , kapelebong , Tororo, and others in western Kenya.

History about Teso

According to the history, Iteso are believed come from South Ethiopia or Sudan over some years ago and first settled in Karamoja. Some historians suggested that Iteso originated from Karamoja region and shortly splited off due to lack of similar cultural rituals and naming system for the Karamojong’s. Most of the Iteso clan names are mixed with the Bàntu and Nilotic speaking people, Iteso are also mixed with Japadola due to ancient migration.

Traditionally, Iteso people is said to have migrated to two phrase. The first migration brought them to the present -day Karamoja and western Kenya and was characterized as a harmonious and steady movement. However, the history lamented that the famous hero Oduk and his wife Amongin is said to have helped the Iteso during their second migration to the modern day Busia around 1500AD.

During the colonial period, the i5eso had a strong cool relationship with the pre-colonial group and they were hostile. Due to cohabitation, iteso got inter marriage with their neighbou4ing communities and intermixed their traditions and customs.

Reason to visit Teso region

Unfortunately the insecurity of the past have given peace a negative imagine about Teso region. Conflicts such as the Karamajong raids, Gen Ikonyi. Yes Teso region in  Eastern part of Uganda is a beautiful place to visit and it comprise of districts such as Soroti, Kumi, kaberemaido, Amurai , Katakwi, kapelebong , Bukedea among others with local community speaking Ateso as their  mother language . Teso region is blessed with beautiful weather and uniform landscape, the region is charactised by surging rocks, valleys, landscape that provides thrilling environment.  The people of Teso are known for their hospitality and plurilingual societies, they are warm and welcoming to visitors and will make you feel at home. The region also has improved infrastructure , the roads leading to Teso sub-region are tarmacked , which can facilitate easy movement of people, including tourists and goods, to the area and also with improved accommodation facilities .  Besides the infrastructure, the region is also a home of the beautiful rock paints “Nyero rock paintings which is located in Ngora as well as a home to the wise people  who has a great value to land and practice crop and animal farming and their traditional dance is a popular attraction in the eastern part of Uganda.

Teso cultural tours

Iteso were predominantly pastoralists who take their livelihoods in rearing cows, goats. Sheep and chicken during your cultural encounters to Teso, the Uganda cultural tours will unveil to you the Iteso culture, teso language, traditional food, exposes you to Teso community, cultural heritage, Teso entertainment, homestead and kingship among others.

Traditionally, Teso people loved singing and dancing educative folksongs in different occasions. These songs include Ataikatiaka Kitiso, about the unity of the Teso people, Akidai Imojong, a song to respect and care for elders, and Iyalama Imojong to appreciate elders among others.

 The cultural tour in teso region are the best cultural experience for travelers varying from teso village tours and night visits. These are not only sightseeing experience but are a more practical experience where a visitor get to interact with the local community while sharing tier unforgotten heritages. You can choice to spend a night in a traditional hut called “etogo” and learn detailed about exciting history of Teso. Traveler will also participate in various domestic activities while learning the economic activities of iteso such as basket weaving, hut weaving, and clay sculpting among others. You also get to their local food to celebrations with traditional folklore, what unforgotten journey this can be?

 Wild safaris to Teso region

Teso region is blessed and unforgotten with the best wildlife experience. This region is blesses with neibouring national park such as mount Elgon national park, Pian Upe wildlife game reserve and others  several conservation areas .

Wildlife safari in Pian Upe game reserve.

Pian Upe wild life game reserve is the second largest conservation area after Murchison falls national park, the game reserve covers over an area 2788 sq kilometers north of mount Elgon and it under the management of mount Elgon conservation department, located in Nakapiripirit district in Karamoja district in the northeastern Uganda, with a total of 8 districts covering or closely to the game reserve which includes, Moroto, Amudat, Napak, Kween, Katakwi, Kumi, Bukedea, Bulambuli.

Pian Upe game reserve is a home of enormous rock Pythons and the largest Lizards in Pian Upe are the Savannah monitors other common reptiles includes common Agama, Skinks, Chameleons and Geckos and also harmless water snakes are found here. Carnivores like, Jackals, cival, spotted hyenas, Cheetah, Wild cats .The Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve gifted with numerous mammal species like lions, elephants, black rhinos and giraffes. The game reserve also contains wildlife such as plain zebras and common elands, oribis and the only unique roan remaining antelope in Uganda. A large and common  mammals in the  Pian Upe game reserve  includes ; Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Giraffe, Buffalo, Waterbuck, Uganda Kob, Mountain reedbuck, Roan antelope, Jackson’s hartebeest, and oribis among others. Most of the Eland, Topi, and Zebra migrate into the reserve to breed from North Bokora and Matheniko reserves and migrate northwards when the rains begin. Birds include ostrich, secretary bird Sagittarius, and uncommon yellow-billed shrike. Pian Upe game reverse is also a home over 330 of incredible bird species which is endemic in the region which makes it a home of birding haven for world bird lovers.  The uncommon birds spotted while in your Uganda safaris in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve include the uncommon ostrich.

Wildlife safari in Pian Upe game reserve

Wildlife safari in Mount Elgon NATIONAL PARK.

 Mount Elgon being the powerful attraction of this part you must to involve it on your journey. This extinct volcano is one of Uganda’s oldest physical features.  Mt Elgon is home to two tribes, the Bagisu and the Sabiny, with the marginalized Ndorobos forced to dwell deep within the forest of Benet. The mountain has the largest caldera at its peak. Mount Elgon National Park is home to over 300 species of birds, including the endangered Lammergeyer and mammals such as blue monkeys and white Columbus are the most common with the small number of elephants who are residents of forest and several montane moorland endemics. You can do hiking, nature walks, community encounters and many others here.

 Hiking of Sipi falls

Sipi falls is the only romantic and majestic falls in Uganda. When you get into the top, you will be filled with all kinds of majestic feeling and you will forget all the pain of the feet and mud-stained clothing for the long hike and you will be walking through a semi-rugged terrain with the sky reflecting off the pouring water like glass creates awe-inspiring landscape. The smell that fills your senses allows you to truly appreciate nature with a very astonishing environment. The satisfaction and joy of knowing that you have seen something so beautiful with your own two eyes will bring tears to many lucky hikers who get to experience this adventure firsthand.

 Traveler on Uganda cultural safaris to teso region will   give you a reason to embark on a cultural exploitation to the Teso people, one of the ethnic group in eastern Uganda. You will also visit traditional teso settlement called “etogo” and gain insights into their agricultural practices and rural way of life, also you will engage in various activities like farming, basket weaving, or traditional food preparation, experianveing the cultural practices firsthand and also interact with the local community member and learn about their customs, tradition and folklore.

 Teso region cam be access on road via Kampala –Jinja – Mbale road with the driving distance of approximately 288km of about 4-5hour drive. And also by Helicopter