Best attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park

Best attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park

Best attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park: Kidepo Valley National Park located in the north-eastern corner of Uganda is a destination with a variety of attractions to see during safari.

The national park consists of diverse scenery making it an ideal destination for nature lovers including open savannah plains, rock outcrops, scattered trees as well as hills and mountains in different parts of Kidepo National Park.

Some of the attractions found in Kidepo Valley National Park include the following;

  • Wildlife Attractions

Around the open savannah grasslands of Kidepo Valley National Park, different wildlife species can be seen during safaris at the destination.

Some of the wildlife attractions found in Kidepo National Park include elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, and buffalos as well as different antelope species including elands, waterbucks, impalas, hartebeests, topi, reedbucks, Uganda kobs among others.

During the search for the wildlife species found around Kidepo National Park, tourists can engage in game drives and also guided nature walks. The game drives take place in the morning, and afternoon and can also be done at night with permission.

The night game viewing experience in Kidepo Valley National Park is exciting as tourists get to encounter the nocturnal wildlife species such as bush babies and see hippos, aardvarks, and leopards among others during their safaris.

Different trails can be explored during safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park during guided nature walks and game drives at the destination including the water sources, savannah plains, hills, and woodlands. Wildlife species and various bird species can also be seen during this experience.

Best attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park
Game viewing in Kidepo
  • Kidepo Valley

The Kidepo valley is also among the attractions to see during tours around the national park and there is a river that flows through this valley.

Various wildlife species can be seen around the Kidepo valley during safaris and they include elephants, and gazelles among others which can be spotted as they look out for food around the savannah plains. These animals can be seen during the game drives and walking safaris around the valley.

Some of the best sunsets can also be viewed around the Kidepo Valley where wildlife species can also be encountered during safaris.

  • Kidepo River

There are different trails that can be followed along the line of the Kidepo River which is surrounded by different types of vegetation.

Various bird species as well as wildlife species including predators on the hunt can be seen when visiting parts of the Kidepo River.

  • Mount Morungole

Mount Morungole is another of the beautiful attractions which can be seen during tours around Kidepo Valley National Park.

The mountain is one of the places where hiking takes place in the national park and is also home to the Ik people who are an indigenous tribe living on the mountain. Tourists can enjoy beautiful views of the Kidepo Valley and surrounding areas as they hike to the top of the mountain.

In addition to the hikes on Mount Morungole, tourists can enjoy cultural interactions with the Ik people as they explore the different attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park. The Ik culture is unique and the cultural experience involves enjoying traditional dance, getting to know about the different ceremonies or taking part in them, sharing stories, and visiting the homesteads among other activities.

  • Bird species

The Kidepo Valley National Park is home to a variety of bird species which can be seen during safaris at the destination.

Bird watchers exploring Kidepo National Park can see the various bird species in parts of the national park such as around the Apoka rest camp. Over 475 birds are found in the national park and some of the bird species found at the destination include Ostriches, Kori bustards, Yellow Billed Storks, Ground Hornbills, Secretary birds, African Fish eagles, and many others.

Bird watching is among the exciting safari activities to engage in when visiting Kidepo Valley National Park and it can be done at different times of day as part of half day tours and also full day birding excursions.

  • Narus valley

Tourists can also visit the Narus Valley during their safaris around Kidepo Valley National Park and enjoy views of the hills.

Game drives are popular around the Narus Valley which is home to different wildlife species including antelopes.

  • Kanangorok Hot Springs

Kidepo Valley National Park has natural hot springs which are called the Kanangorok hot springs which are part of the attractions around the area.

The Kanangorok hot springs are also a place where tourists can see various wildlife species and get to learn about its formation and history and what it means to the locals living around Kidepo Valley National Park.

  • Open savannah plains

Around the Kidepo savannah plains, tourists can see different wildlife species and also spot a number of bird species during their safaris.

Tourists can also enjoy photography around the savannah plains of Kidepo National Park and capture the wildlife species and pristine environment in the national park including the acacia woodlands and hilly areas.

  • Mount Moroto

Another hiking destination found around Kidepo Valley National Park is Mount Moroto which offers amazing views of the park.

Day hiking tours can be done around Mount Moroto with local guides who are knowledgeable of the hiking routes.

  • Karamojong people

Tourists can also interact with the Karamojong people during their tours around Kidepo Valley National Park.

The Karamojong people offer exciting cultural dance performances, visits to their traditional homesteads, visiting the kraals, engaging in cultural practices like food preparation, and learning how to make local beaded jewelry such as necklaces, anklets, earrings among others.

Karamojong people are known for their nomadic way of life and how they depend on their livestock such as cattle, goats, and sheep. The livestock is used for different purposes including dowry during marriage ceremonies, and show of wealth and prestige.

They also depend on different milk and meat products and the Karamojong people are known for drinking milk mixed with blood as part of their food.

To get to see the different attractions found in Kidepo Valley National Park tourists can fly from Entebbe International Airport to Apoka Airstrip or drive to the destination which takes about 12 hours and there are different routes used to get there.