Uganda Safari Companies

Uganda Safari Companies

Choosing a good and reputable safari company can be a nightmare sometimes may be because you have not met them or rather not sure if they will deliver the kind of services you want for a safari. This article cites a criteria that will help you cite out a good Uganda tour and travel company / operator that will organize for you a good safari. Before we proceed with the criteria, the companies below can fully be trusted for safari to Kidepo, Uganda or rather East Africa at large.

Achieve Global Safaris
Achieve Gorilla Tours
Habari Uganda Tours
Focus East Africa Tours
Explore Rwanda Tours
Safaris Rwanda Safari

All those companies have organized several safaris before and can be trusted. So what makes a good safari company? Of course a few of them are outstanding brand-wise but not even the big dogs can ever be perfect. However, i do believe the best safari company is one that works best for you. They should meet the criteria below too. Find a number of factors you should consider below;

Package provided: This is the biggest consideration so far. Not every tour and travel consultant out there has the ability to craft a good tour package for your safari else you will end up having more driving hours on your trip than the actual hours you spend on activities. If the package is good, look through Google maps to look at the routes and confirm your safari. Also confirm with the inclusions, exclusions and accommodation facilities chosen.

Price Factor: Some prices may seem high and some may be low especially if you inquire with several tour operators at ago. Feel free to compare the price but do not get taken away by very low offers. Cheap things come at a cost! If an operator is confident about his services then they won’t hesitate an inch to charge the rightful amount however big it might be. This should go handy with their respective reviews and experience levels. Do not get blurred by low offers! If you can, choose a package with comfortable accommodation facilities.

Experience: Experienced companies have bigger edges over non experienced companies. Experience means professionalism but this is not a guarantee. Experienced operators are likely to give better experiences than non-experienced companies.

Affiliations to travel associations: Several travel associations have standards that have to be met for their membership eligibility. If these standards are not met by any operator or rather they engage in any dubious activities like fraud, they lose their memberships on spot with minimal chances of reclaiming it. This way they are able to maintain a list of only quality travel companies that are likely to offer standard safaris. For instance in Uganda it would be considerate to deal with operators that are registered with AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators).

Reviews: You have to befriend TripAdvisor and SafariBookings because this is where you see the good and bad of an operator. If a company has no reviews but you like their package, you can go ahead and take the gamble but we would not recommend an operator with no reviews. This however, does not necessarily mean they will not give you a good safari, some may has less or no reviews but still give you an outstanding experience.

Methods of Payment: The official payment methods you should use are Bank Transfer or Credit Card payment via Pesapal or Express Pay. Do not make a mistake of sending money to personal bank accounts. Only send money to company bank accounts.

The factors are quite many and above are just one of the most important. We can organize you a stunning safari to Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda in general or East Africa at large. Simply inquire with us and we shall draft you a suitable itinerary for your trip.