Ostriches in Kidepo

Ostriches in Kidepo

Ostriches in Kidepo

Ostriches in Kidepo: Ostriches are very beautiful large birds that can’t fly but can run for about 70 kilometers per hour if threatened, they are characterized with small heads, kidepo national park is the only park in Uganda where ostriches can be found this birds are categorised in two types the nominate and the massaicas. Ostriches are also called “Struthio Camelus”they weigh 180kg having long legs and necks.

Ostriches are omnivores therefore feed on things like locusts, seeds, flowers, fruits and swallow sand and pebbles. The male ostriches are black with white wings as well as tail feathers the female ones have brownish grey color. The ostriches are very strong birds and can harm it’s predators like lionsand humans by just kicking and can even kill some times.

Ostriches hiss, roar or boom the male ones always roar like lions most times it can be confusing to know whether it’s a lion or male ostriches roaring.

Ostriches have a difficult breeding system as major and minor ostriches can lay their eggs on the same nest mostly the minor and major lay about 25-30 eggs and incubate this eggs in turns major hen going in at day time and the cock at night time.

The chicks always live the best in just four days and are hatched after a period of six weeks when they live their nests they always join other chicks to form creches of over 100 chicks.

The male ostriches have black feathers, brown eyes, white wings and tail but the tail always dirty with soil. All adult ostriches are always about 2.5 meters tall. During the breeding period, the legs are always brighter with pink necks.

They are fully mature at the age of three to four years. The little ostriches necks and heads are normally black with spotted backs and baked buff. The massaicas are always gray brown in color while the nominate is mainly brown. Ostriches can be seen in huge flocks if they are in a drier environment or wooded grassland. The massacus ostriches live in singles or form small groups and live together as a family.