Shoebill Stork Bird in Uganda

Shoebill Stork Bird

Shoebill Stork Bird in Uganda; Uganda has a variety of bird species in the various tourist destinations however the most commonly sought bird is the Shoebill stork. The shoebill stock is an unusual bird whose name is derived from the fact that it has ‘shoe-like’ shape for a face. It’s one rare and disapprovingly endangered bird in the world whose population is said to be less than 5000 in the wild. What makes this bird unique and most sought is because of its interesting features.

It has long skinny blue legs that match its blue-grey feathers, its 55 inches tall with an over-exaggerated beak that resembles a shoe than anything a bird may use to eat its own meal. This difficult bird is not very social and mysterious; they stay far away from each other except during their breeding period. Shoebill stork birds can only be found in swampy and muddy areas and its structure is flawless for picking out their prey from shallow waters. They are meat-eaters with an appetite for snakes, catfish, lungfish and possibly small crocodiles. Its curved bird at the end of its shoe-like beak is acts exactly as a spear that brings deadly blow every single time. It has a lifespan of 25 years terrorising a swamp.

Uganda is the easiest destination in Africa to find the shoebill stork bird, despite the fact that they are endangered. Uganda has about 1000 shoebill stork birds found in the waterlogged tourist destinations. While on a Uganda tour, tourists can find these interesting birds at places such as the Mabamba swamp on an island on Lake Victoria, Murchison falls national park at the delta, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Kyoga, Semliki wildlife reserve and possibly lake Mburo national park. The shoebill shoe is a magical bird that’s worth your time and money to visit while on your Uganda safari tour.