Best Time to visit Kidepo Valley National Park

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Best Time to visit Kidepo Valley National Park

Best Time to visit Kidepo Valley National Park : Want to visit Kidepo? Lying about 700 kilometers from Uganda’s capital city – Kampala, in the rugged northeastern Uganda’s semi arid valleys between South Sudan and Kenya boarders is Kidepo Valley National Park. It is the least explored of all Uganda national parks and one of Africa’s true wildernesses. Reading such an introduction, one might question; why is Kidepo less explored / why do people visit Kidepo less if it is a true wilderness? The answer is; many reasons!

The 700 kilometers journey itself used to be a turn off before the roads were upgraded and accommodation inside or near the park was also barely available as only one luxury facility and a few very basic facilities existed. Kidepo national park was also less marketed out to the world unlike the recent efforts. So you have read the travel blogs and perhaps viewed great videos about Kidepo national park in Uganda and wish to visit Kidepo but wondering what is the best time to visit Kidepo valley national park? Here is your answer;

The best time to visit Kidepo national park for game viewing is during the dry season months of July and August when animals are concentrated near water points. During the rainy seasons, animals disperse from the valleys, moving to higher and drier ground where they are not so easily seen. Keep in mind however; that these are the two hottest months as well considered to have the worst weather with average temperature of 27.5°C with daily variations from 21.5°C to 34°C making it very hot and dusty.

You can as well visit Kidepo during the short rains from September to December in the comfort of our 4X4 safari vehicles. Let’s compare the seasons looking at the advantages and disadvantages if you are to visit Kidepo in certain months of the year.

Visit Kidepo between December to March and June to Late August – Dry Season

  • Water becomes scarce, so wildlife viewing is easier as animals tend to seek out reliable water sources and vegetation thins.
  • It is sunny with few cloudy days.
  • It is hazy and the views are not so great.
  • It is very arid and dusty.

Visit Kidepo between April to May and September to November – Wet Season

  • Even though seeing the animals is easier in the Dry season, you will still see a decent amount of wildlife.
  • Migratory birds can be found and birding is at its best.
  • The scenery is lush and green and the air is crisp.
  • The heat is less oppressive.
  • Animals disperse from the valleys and move to higher and drier ground making it more difficult to locate them.

So now that you know the seasons, determine what time is best for you to visit Kidepo!