Apoka Rest Camp

Apoka Rest Camp

Apoka Rest Camp;

Uganda Wildlife Authority is managing the budget accommodations in Kidepo national park. These include the Apoka Rest Camp and the several campsites positioned inside the wild area. 

For guests interested in Wilderness camping, the park provides camping area with amenities such as a campfire area, a toilet, bathroom and water and one is required to can either travel with their own camping materials inclusive of the tent, beddings and own food or you can hire a tent from the park authorities and travel with only your beddings and other person necessities. Note that it’s a MUST requirement to stay with a ranger guide in the wilderness.

Apoka Rest Camp is also a budget accommodation strategically situated near Narus valley close to where you can view wildlife even by sitting at the veranda of your rest camp. Apoka Rest camp which is more like a hostel has 16 self-contained chalets with bathroom and toilet; the beds vary depending on single or double. They also have cheaper bandas (14 in number) that are non-self-contained, toilets and bathrooms can be accessed outside the bandas. The prices to stay at these accommodations are pocket friendly for budget travellers depending on where you choose to stay.

However guests are recommended to bring their own food and drinks for the period they will be staying in the park simply because the camps do not provide meals and drinks. Cooking can be arranged by the camp staff for you at a cost and for any additional diet requirement, say chicken or goat’s meat; this can be arranged from the community near the park for visitors hoping to stay longer in the park. This is a whole experience of the wild of its own, for visitors choosing camping, the park has basically 2 ways, “Do it yourself”.