Apoka Tourism Center

Apoka Tourism Center

Kidepo is pristine wilderness of opulent green valleys, dramatic mountain ranges, spectacular night skies and amazing sunrises. Kidepo National park is 1442km2 and lies between 915m and 2750m above sea level. The Apoka is the tourist Centre of the park; ranger guides accompanyholidaymakers on game drives and walks. Tourists that don’t come with their means of transport hire park trucks. Craft shops with books and souvenirs, packed water, sodas and alcoholic beverages can also be purchased here. Food is prepared on request and cooking gas as well as utensils can be hired by individuals who desire to cook for themselves.

Kanangorok Hot Springs. This area is nearer to the south Sudan border. The Kanangorok Hot Springs are situated 11kmsafar the Kidepo River on the Sudan border. This is a pleasant and picturesque place with good view of the mountains beyond the frontier. On the topography of the Kidepo valley, dispersed with palms and acacia thorns, are the Kanangorok hot springs, These hot springs are considered among the best gifts of Mother Nature in Kidepo National Park and because of that, for anyone a safari in Uganda this is a must visit destination.But bear in mind that there isn’t any road or demarcated path to these hot springs. You have to move through grassy terrain small footpaths covered by overgrown bushes plus grass

The water is heated deep within the earth and come out as crystal clear carbonated water that is famous for their mineral content and legendary healing powers. The Kanangorok hot springs, which flows between rocks, looks over the grassy plains that are dotted with large rocky outcrops and lying between steep-rocky piles with the peak ridges of Natera hill,Napore range and Taan hill.

Just a couple of meters to the hot springs you will see two rocks that appear to be confronting each other; very stunning! The springs are fairly shallow, so you will be able to see the clean rocks beneath. The water is hot enough to warm food to a considerable temperature. The water is assumed to reach a temperature of 50°C and flow at a rate of 1L per second.

The water of these hot springs is also considered to have healing power, and because of that you may occasionally find some local people bathing around this place as a form of ‘spiritual cleansing’ and ‘healing’.