Coffee plantations in Mbale

Coffee Plantations

Coffee plantations in Mbale;

Coffee is Uganda’s most important cash crop throughout the years, making it the top export earner since 1980s. Uganda has specialised in production of 2 types of Coffee that is Arabic coffee and Robusta coffee. Arabic coffee grows only in high altitude areas of South Eastern and South Western Uganda. Mbale district is recognised as one the biggest coffee producing countries specifically Arabic coffee growing best on the slopes of Mount Elgon and Mount Rwenzori.

This coffee was introduced from Ethiopia and naturalised on the slopes of Mount Elgon. In Mbale, the planting season is between and April and March and harvesting between August and November.  Basing on that background, Coffee has become of those tourist attractions that you ought to do while on a Uganda Safari. Ugandans are not coffee lovers no wonder most of the coffee is exported to other countries however, due to tourist increase, coffee consumption has gradually increased.

Visit a coffee plantations on your en route visit of Kidepo national park through the Eastern part of Uganda and stop in Mbale for a coffee processing procedure and get to taste and carry back home. You will be guided through the whole experience of Coffee processing stages from the time its picked from the farm, to drying and to the last stage of tasting coffee. Do not think of leaving Uganda without trying out the Uganda Coffee.