Community Tours

Community Tours: The Karamojong culture is one of the richest cultural heritages you ought to experience while on a Uganda Safari tour. The Karamojong people are similar to the Masai people of Kenya and Tanzania described by their pastoral activities. They have a range of traditional instruments like the costumes, jewellery, stools, spears, bows, knives and beads. They occupy the areas around Kidepo valley national park in the furthest North Eastern part of Uganda.

The existence of Kidepo National Park has supported the villages of Karamoja through community tours. Visiting some of the homesteads around Kidepo will give you a true feeling of African life. The homesteads are constructed inform of grass thatched and a community is composed of an extended family, each with their own house and family. Some of the communities that have gained in the park inform of community tours include the Lorukul village that is situated just outside the park boundaries and the Ik people are can only be seen on a hike to mount Morungole.  Physically participant or explore in the cultural activities/practises of the communities in Kidepo where you will enjoy doing and learning the cultural traditions and lifestyle of the community such as; how bridewealth is determined and marriage (Polygamy), child growth in the village and due to the end your visit be entertained by the young people with thrilling and exciting tradition songs and dances. As you are entertained, you are expected to pay some money to support the livelihood of the communities.