Entanda cultural tour

Entanda cultural tour : Entanda is one of the most historical Buganda cultural center in Uganda filled with various cultural heritages to learn about and also know more about starting from the kintu ande nambi story who are believed to the first baganda to exist.

Entanda is located in Mityana district in Kijjude villag  about 80 km away from Kampala city as one take mubende -Fort portal road filled with various safari activities to explore and marvel at with just a fee of UGX 60,000 (US$20) at the entry point.

Entanda is a luganda word which locally means the “Package” you give to someone you love when going on long journey according to the legends surrounding the center, the site contains the Ttanda Pits which are well known as the home of Walumbe (god of the dead).

Entanda Cultural Center offers a number of tour activities which are open for visitors to participate in and in this article join as we get to know more about some of the safari activities that are carried out at the center.

Traditional music

Enjoy the kiganda traditional dance and also listen to the sound of several traditional musical instruments like the sekitulege (sexy musical instrument) as you can as well get involved in the activity and learn how to dance the tranditional dances.

Sex Education Talks by Senga and Kojja (Aunt and uncle)

These talks are specifically for the adults ONLYbecause it’s fully meant for bedroom issues, as you are taught more about how the buganda culture considers bedroom issues very important.


Hunting is done not to kill but to catch and release back to the wilderness and also to learn more about the local ways that were used in the ancient days during hunting. However, this is only done by men while ladies learn how to prepare food.

Soccer game

For soccer lovers this is the most exiting activity to carry out while at the center and this is done during the evening hours when the sun is not that bright as it happens between visitors and the hosts and the winner takes a goat.

Visit honey hives.

Not only visiting but also harvesting it. The biggest part is tasting the unprocessed, nutritious honey direct from its hive as you are guided by the locals on how to carry out the activity.

Bark Cloth Making

At Entanda cultural center you will also learn how to make bark cloth, a traditional wear which is got out of hammering the bark of fig trees.

Entanda cultural tour
Entanda cultural tour

Tree planting.

Plant trees as part of conservation and also get to give them your own chosen names such that the next summer you get to come into the pearl of Africa and go back to entanda cultural center you will be able to recognize your impact on nature in Uganda.

Cooking Traditional Food

Attend the traditional cooking class by trained women who will take you through the process of harvesting and preparing local foods which include; Oluwombo, Gnut sauce, Mingling Kalo, cooking cassava, Peeling and cooking Matooke in Banana leaves.

Nature Walk

If you like community walks, Entanda cultural center will make it happen for you as you get to interact with the locals who will give you interesting ancient stories about entanda cultural center.

There are so many other activities that sightseers can enjoy while at the Uganda destinations which are really thrilling for sightseers to enjoy as they learn more about the country.

In conclusion, Entanda cultural tour which takes you to Mityana along the w in the estern route between Kampala and Mubende is a real cultural experience of its kind in the pearl of Africa.

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