In Which District Is Kidepo Valley National Park?

In Which District Is Kidepo Valley National Park? Kidepo valley national park is located in Kaboong district within the Northern region of Uganda and it first gazette as a game reserve in 1958 by the British colonial government. Then it was later established as a national park during the rain of the former president of Uganda who was named as Apollo Milton Obote in 1962 after Uganda had acquired its independence. More so, Kidepo valley national park covers a total surface area of about 1442 and stands at an elevated area which is between 900-1200 meters above the sea level and it is being managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority which has a role of managing all the national parks in the country with an aim of helping on preventing activities like poaching which lead to the reduction of the number of wildlife species within the game parks.

Kidepo valley national park is known to be dominated by Mount Morungole which is elevated in an area that stands at 2750 meters above the sea level and this national park is considered to be the birders paradise in the country due to the fact that it is a home to over 480 bird species which can be spotted while touring around the park and some of these birds include; Ostriches, black-breasted barbet, taita fiscal, rufous chatter, karamojs Apalis, the yellow billed shrike among others and tourists most especially those who happen to be bird lovers should note that bird watching activities in this national park are only charged at a fee of 30 USD per person.

Things to do while exploring within Kidepo Valley National park.

More so, Exploring through Kidepo valley national park blesses tourists with chances to engage in many interesting activities like; guided nature walks where they happen to walk through the Narus valley and they are always accompanied with the park guides in order to ensure that they are safe, hiking whereby they get chances to hike to the Lomej mountains and mount Moroungole and get chances to capture beautiful views of the park and its serene landscape as well as its splendid flora and fauna species while they reach at the top. Tourists can also opt to embark on game drives which are normally done in two sessions whereby the day game drives are charged at a fee of about 30 USD per person and the night game drives are charged at a cost of 40 USD per person and they are best done within specific areas like; the Narus river and within the kidepo valley where they get chances to sight see at mammal species like; leopards, buffalos, giraffes, lions and many others. Some of the individuals can participate in cultural encounters where they get to interact with the local people and get to learn about their history, language, behaviours and characters and watch their traditional dance performances, and listen to their folk songs, then also do community tours where they meet with the Lorukul cultural group and many others.

In Which District Is Kidepo Valley National Park?
Game Drive Kidepo

Tourist attractions found in Kidepo valley national park.

Kidepo valley national park has many attractions that have led many people to travel from all over different parts of the world hence contributing a lot towards the development of the tourism industry of Uganda. therefore, some of these attractions include; the Narus Valley, Apoka tourism centre, Mount Morungule, Lomej hills which are famously known for being a good spot for hiking expeditions, Apoka tourism centre which is where park guides who lead tourists through the game drives and guided nature walks are always stationed and also it seen as the major tourist hub which consists of several cottages and craft shops where tourists always purchase their souvenirs and beverages from. More so, wildlife species also act as of the main attractions because this park is a home to over 77 mammal species that are always available moving from one to place to another within the park such as; bush elephants, bush pigs, ostriches, jackals, bush duikers and many others, the kidepo valley, Kanangorok hot springs and many others. In addition, the best time to travel with kidepo valley national park is best during the dry season, which is between months of July to September and from mid-December to February.

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