Kidepo National Park is Safe to Visit

Kidepo Valley National Park is Safe

Kidepo National Park is Safe to Visit

Kidepo National Park is Safe to Visit; Kidepo valley national park is located extreme northeast of Uganda in the Karamoja semi arid region that touches international boundaries with South Sudan in the north and Kenya in the east. It is averagely 700 km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Because of some factors, the entire northern region has been in the limelight of international media for some reason or another. A traveler planning to visit Uganda would wish to tour a region of peace and serenity and have maximum security for himself, his property and the people attending to him.

For a long time the entire Karamoja region was a territory of insecurity caused by tribal conflicts that go beyond international borders. The communities neighboring the Karamoja region are blood cousins separated by international borders; Toposa in South Sudan, Masai in Kenya and the Karamojong in Uganda. They live a similar lifestyle of nomadic pastoralist keeping large herds of cattle for largely for prestigious reasons rather than economic ones. To the pastoralist a large herd of cattle is a social symbol of wealth and high status in community. The problem is the semi arid climatic conditions in the regions of the three countries are harsh to livestock and multiply at a low rate. The pastoralist groups form warrior gangs armed with lethal weapons to make raid across borders and rustle cattle from each other. The probability of survival for any life caught in between the raids is at minimum. For a long time, cattle rustling affected Uganda safaris into Kidepo valley national park and at times, travel halted altogether. The three countries sensitized and disarmed the warriors.  The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces, Ugandan army carries out regular patrols to monitor activities of the people. Cattle rustling in Karamoja region closed chapter.

There was a civil war in Sudan before formation of the South Sudan. The people south of Sudan agitated for independence from Khartoum based on marginalization and unfair distribution of resources. They had an insurrection and armed civil conflict that spilled into northern Uganda. In many ways destabilization south of Sudan meant destabilization north of Uganda since naturally the communities are blood cousins separated by colonial borders. The South Sudan gained independence in 2005. The armed conflict and hostilities ceased. In a big a way, destabilization in the northern region of Uganda stopped and this meant that kidepo valley national park is safae to visit . Travel and Uganda safaris into Kidepo valley national park are more secure and go on through the day.

Uganda herself had her internal insurgence by the Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda who agitated for a state based on the Ten Commandments of the Bible. For a long time, the northern Uganda, where travelers pass on the way to Kidepo valley national park, was a no-go area. The insurgency was defeated.  The military stamped foot on the ground, peace, security and order restored. Travel to Kidepo valley national park is safe and smooth with no reported cases of insecurity on visitors of recent.

The Kidepo valley national park is a pure chaste and a Uganda safari destination that is virgin and less trampled. Many travelers on safari to Uganda would wish to visit, wander in the plains and discover the beauty of this hidden gem. A critical analyst would ask why this beautiful Uganda tour destination less traveled. The reasons discussed earlier led to other reasons. Because of insurgency and insecurity, it was hard to extend social services to the northern region. The health services were poor, most of the roads were dirt and not maintained, schools and education were the lowest, electricity stopped many miles away, hotels and accommodation were not there because people never traveled, all services were at a standstill and the northern region was in Uganda only on the map. The return of peace, security and order in the northern region is a turnaround of everything that was messed. Travel to northern Uganda improved tremendously and tarmac roads reach all major towns near to Kidepo valley national park. Hospitals and health centers were constructed, equipped with health apparatus and skilled medical teams, health services are closer to people. Towns are mushrooming, business is booming and people are traveling. Hotels, lodges and safari camps exist in strategic places close to Uganda tour destinations.

The travelers on tour of Uganda into Kidepo valley national park have several options to choose from basing on their budget and services they need. Uganda is generally a peaceful country by any standards. The security forces have the hardware and personnel to counter any threats. Above all the Ugandan people have the love for visitors and do not wish to see harm to anyone. However, individual discipline is not the same for all Ugandans. There are few cases of pickpockets and burglary, which local councils handle. Overall, Kidepo valley national park is safe a Uganda travel destination. Visitors do not need extra precautionary measures than in many other wilderness areas over the world.