Weather and Climate of Kidepo National Park

Weather of Kidepo

Accessing Kidepo National Park

Weather and Climate of Kidepo national park is a semi-arid type of climate with only one rainy season throughout the year and in some years drought is common. Kidepo is characterised as semi-arid given its location in the far North Eastern part of Uganda which is generally a dry region in most of the months during the year. The temperatures in Kidepo valley national park can go as high as 40°C/104°F, around 29°C/84°F in the afternoon and 17°C/63°F at night. Altitudes range from 999m to 2,349m. This results in climatic changes within the park where temperatures can drop by about 6.5°C for every 3.5°F as you.

The dry seasons of Kidepo valley national park are in the months of September, October and November. Some rains may still be experienced in these months as the wet season changes into the dry one. During this time, the weather is getting warmer with average temperatures in the afternoon and morning hours. 

The other dry months include December, January and February. During this period, there are completely no rains and the weather is drier and hotter. The weather in the month of March is also dry but the first rains break the heat and then settle in the dust.

The wet season of Kidepo valley national park is in the months of April, May, June, July and August. Thought these months are considered wet seasons, the rains are not that very heavy as compared to other national parks in the western and southern, showers are usually experienced in the afternoons