Luxury accommodations in Kidepo valley National park

Luxury accommodations in Kidepo valley National park : Kidepo valley national park derives its name from AKIDEP, which means TO PICK UP in English. This park was gazette as a game reserve by the British colonial government in 1958 and later, it was established as a national park in 1962 during the reign of the former Ugandan president who was known as Apollo Milton Obote. Kidepo valley national park is located in the northern part of Uganda in Kaboong district.  This national park covers a total surface area of about 1442 square kilometers and it stands at an elevation between 900-1200 meters above the sea level.

Kidepo valley national park is dominated by Mount Morungole, which is elevated at a height of 2750 meters above the sea level.  More so, this national park is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which has a major role and responsibility of protecting all the 10 national national parks in Uganda with kidepo valley national park inclusive.

Kidepo valley national park is famous and usually visited because of its serene landscape and people travel to see the River Kidepo and Narus where tourists are always able to easily spot all the wildlife species. More so, this park is richly blessed with flora and fauna and it is also known to be a home of over 480 bird species and 77 mammal species such as; bush pig, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, bush duikers, jackals, ostriches, and many others. Furthermore, this National park has many attractions that lead to many people to travel from all the parts of the world in order to check the out and these include; Lomej hills, Kanangorok hot springs, Kidepo valley, Mount Morungule, Narrus valley, and the beautiful wildlife species. In addition, while these tourists are on their tour within kidepo valley national park, they always have great opportunities to engage in several activities, which help them to explore and have great memories during their tour safari. And these activities include; Game drives, hiking and guided nature walks, cultural encounters with the Lorukul cultural group and community visits.

Luxury accommodation in Kidepo valley National park.

Kidepo valley national park offers its guests with a variety of accommodation facilities however, they range in different classes such as; budget, Mid-range and luxury. This always gives chances to visitors who choose where to stay according to their preferences, choose what lodge that matches with their budget hence making them comfortable, and enjoy their stay.

Luxury lodges.

Apoka safari lodge.

Apoka safari lodge is ranged as a luxury lodge in Kidepo valley national park. This lodge is situated at the heart of the park at the edge of the Narus River whose water attracts animal species like; buffaloes. Apoka lodge has 10 rooms, 6 double rooms, and 4 twin rooms. This lodge is constructed and designed with natural materials such as stones and have canvas walls. The rooms at Apoka lodge are self-contained with bathroom with both cold and warm showers, big clean towels, comfortable and big beds, hand woven woolen carpets, private outdoor bath tub, stylish dressing robes and a private veranda with a private balcony that provides guests with privacy and they get a chance to get a clear view of the park as they chill outside on the balcony.

Luxury accommodations in Kidepo valley National park
Apoka Safari Lodge

This lodge also offers its guests with a variety of amenities like; free breakfast in the morning, laundry services, free WI-FI, ironing services, free parking, restaurant that serves them with delicious meals, gift shop where they buy stuff to take for their people back at home, a well-stocked bar and lounge, ironing services, outdoor infinity swimming pool.

Adere safari lodge.

Adere safari lodge is also classified as a luxury lodge found within Kidepo valley national park. It is located at the edge of the park and it is easily accessed because it is a few meters away from the main gate. Adere safari lodge has 17 cottages which some of the are double rooms while others are single rooms.  The rooms are beautiful because they are well-designed and constructed with only natural materials. These rooms contain an en-suite bathroom and a bathtub with both cold and warm showers, charging sockets, flash toilets, big sitting room, a 24-hour room service, and a private balcony. Adere safari lodge also offers its guests with amenities like; a restaurant, swimming pool, well stocked bar, free packing, laundry and ironing services, restaurant, football pitch and many others.

Kidepo savanna lodge.

Kidepo savanna lodge is found on the outskirts of Kidepo valley national park in the village, which gives great chances to the guests to be able to interact with individuals with in the local communities around. This lodge is ranked as a luxury lodge because its rooms are self-contained with big bathrooms, comfortable beds, ironing and laundry services, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, private balcony, flash toilets and it also provides amenities like; free breakfast and parking, restaurants that have well trained and behaved waiters and experienced chefs who serve guests with delicious dishes which are either both local or international, well stocked bars where people chill as they take drinks like; cocktails and beers among others.

Apart from the mentioned lodges above, there are so many other lodges where visitors in Kidepo national park can stay. In addition, these lodging facilities include; Apoka rest camp, Kakine self-catering campsite, Nga Moru wilderness camp.

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