Safety in Kidepo, Malaria, Surrounding and Precautions

safety in Kidepo

Safety in Kidepo, Malaria, Surrounding and Precautions

Safety in Kidepo, Malaria, Surrounding and Precautions :What is the safety in Kidepo like? This is a very common question but according to various opinions from several experts and the main Uganda body governing wildlife (Uganda Wildlife Authority). Kidepo Valley National Park is a very safe place to visit while on a safari to Uganda. Just like the remaining 9 national parks, almost everyone you will come across is either an employee of a tour operator, the camps you will rarely come across anyone who isn’t a tourist or employed by tour operators, safari camps within, the national parks or the Uganda Wildlife Authority implicating everyone you will land on is some how affiliated to the Ugandan Tourism Industry.

The location of Kidepo Valley National Park is in the Karamoja region which lies north east of Uganda. The safety in Kidepo over 10 years ago wasn’t god. The history of Karamoja depicts a lot of volatile acts but this is not the case currently and is considered to be 100% safe. This was due to the ignorance of the locals within who often mistook tourists and tour employees to be cattle raiders not until they realized Kidepo Valley National Park is a tourist attraction for safaris in Uganda. These acts phased out over a decade ago and boosted the safety in Kidepo though a small portion of countries still issue travel warnings for the region up to date despite the total change in the situation.

Despite the safety in Kidepo, some precautions still have to be taken while travelling to Kidepo Valley National Park. Before driving, Try to seek for local advice regarding the safety in Kidepo at the moment not forgetting the roads en route to the park and in case of any concerns or reasons especially during rainy seasons, we can always organize for you a domestic or chartered flight to your safari lodge.

About Malaria safety in Kidepo, antimalarial pills should be taken to avoid the risk of contracting malaria. Also about wildlife viewing safety in Kidepo, wildlife viewing has certain risks but is very safe as long as you follow your whatever instructions your guide gives you. The safety in Kidepo in Kidepo is good! Book a Kidepo safari with us today and we organize for you a visit to Kidepo Valley National Park.