Uganda Safaris Review

Uganda Safaris

Planning for Uganda safaris and tours? Uganda is a very lovely place to visit and will guarantee you extreme safari adventure of wildlife viewing, birding, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, Mountaineering, White Water Rafting plus a lot more activities that you might want to carry out while on your holiday in Uganda.

So many safari companies operate in Uganda but it’s recommended to book your Uganda safaris with only prominent safari companies Achieve Global Safaris. Most tour companies can organize for you safari packages to Uganda and Rwanda for gorilla tracking and wildlife safaris or rather the entire East Africa depending on your preference. Always carry out research and find out if the tour operator you are dealing with is affiliated to professional associations AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators), Tourism Uganda (TU), TUGATA, USAGA and more.

Best time to visit Uganda

So you have made up your mind and you want to visit Uganda and perhaps intend to book your Uganda safari but wondering what the best time to visit Uganda might be; well, we will discuss this and help you to decide what the best time to visit Uganda should be. The country receives two dry seasons and two rainy seasons and in terms of tourism and travel, the rainy seasons are referred to as “low season” whereas the dry seasons are referred to as “high or peak season” but in a travelers’ perspective and safari planning, there is more to consider than just the conventional “seasons” as different people travel for different reasons.

The heavy rains in Uganda come in the months of March, April, May and November, and those the months considered to be low season and there some incentives for those that brave the rains; for those interested in Gorilla trekking, the low season Gorilla permits are discounted to $450 from the normal going rate of $600 so you can make huge saving if planning to travel as a group. Secondly, there are few people traveling and as such, the lodges and camps offer discounts as well and you get to have the parks by yourself as they are not congested by many other vehicles and tourists. The dry season months are June, July, August, September, December, January and February and thus considered the high season but the real peak safari season is considered to be the months of July and August. This is when “action” takes place in the parks as both pastures and water become scarce and animals roam the parks in continuous search and fight for survival.

During the high / peak season, prior booking becomes very necessary and almost everything is at a premium! The parks are constantly filled with tourist vehicles and it is dusty. But remember, Uganda has a tropical climate and the forest of Bwindi and Kibale experience rains at any time on any day.
To sum it up therefore, I think the best time to visit Uganda is largely up to the individual depending on their travel needs and purpose. Conventional knowledge however, seems to suggest that the best time to visit Uganda should be during the dry months. There you have it, go ahead and plan or book your safari in Uganda basing on your needs and budget.