What Are The Best Group Activities Done In Fort Portal? 

What Are The Best Group Activities Done In Fort Portal? Fort portal is located in the heart of the western Uganda, that is famously known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures and its rich history. This picturesque town is surrounded by green lush vegetation, green hills and stunning waterfalls. More so, exploring around this city offers a plethora of group activities that suit diverse interests of many individuals. In addition, in this context below; we will delve more into the best group activities, which makes this fort portal town a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, cultural encounters and many others. and some of these activities include;

Hiking in Rwenzori Mountains.  

Hiking to the Rwenzori Mountains is one of the top activities that groups on a safari in this town can opt always opt to embark into as they gain more experiences? The Rwenzori Mountains are also referred to as “the Mountains of the Moon” and it is UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts snow-capped peaks and is dominated by dense forests, alpine meadows among others. However, hiking to mountain is best for individuals with good fitness levels due to the fact it may seem to be tiring that always involves people to go through various trekking routes. In addition, during trekking, tourists are always accompanied by park guides whose role is to lead them through trails and to ensure their safety. More so, touring around this mountain blesses trekkers capture panoramic views  of other beautiful features with the surrounding such as; valleys, lakes and  photographers  around this area get to take good photos hence helping them bond among themselves.

Chimpanzee trekking.

Chimpanzee trekking is one of the best activities that attracts many wildlife enthusiasts to visit within Fort portal city while on their safari or vacation. However, this activity is best done from Kibale national park because it is a home to over 1,500 chimpanzee species, therefore for individuals exploring this game park will be blessed with great opportunities to spot these fascinating primate species within their natural opportunities. More so, park guides or rangers whose role is to lead them through the trekking trails within the forest and share more insights about the chimpanzee’s behavior and ecology due to the fact they have more knowledge about them always guide the groups of people who choose to embark on chimpanzee trekking.

Exploring Amabere caves and waterfalls.

What Are The Best Group Activities Done In Fort Portal? 
Amabere caves

The Amabere caves and waterfalls in Fort portal are considered to be one of the hidden gems steeped within the folklore and the among the best top tourist attractions in the country. In addition, for individuals to be able to access these Amabere caves and waterfalls, they will take a short drive from Fort portal city and then take hike through the lush vegetation in order to be able to see the beautiful caves. More so, these caves are known to be a home to the breasts of the Nyinamwiru that are famously known for their history of the mythical princess.  In addition, after touring around these stunning caves, individuals can opt to chill and relax by the cascading waterfalls or opt to go swimming especially those individuals with good swimming skills. Tourists within this area can choose to enjoy a picnic amidst its serene surroundings.

Besides the above-mentioned activities, there are more tourist activities that on a safari in Fort portal can opt to engage themselves in while as they learn and enjoy new experiences. And some of these other activities  include; tourists can visit the Tororo  Kingdom Palace where the cultural immersions are always held, therefore visitors at this place always get chances to have a glimpse into the kingdoms history and learn more about the traditions and customs of the local people, watch  the exciting traditional performances.

More so, tourists can participate in other things like; boat safaris on Kazinga channel,  Tea plantation tour in Mpanga tea estate which is famously known as the largest tea estate within Fort portal lush countryside region,  Mountain biking  for those individuals who have their best interests in seeking to have an outdoor pursuit  as they ride through the the rural villages, forests and in many other farmland areas and there are several  tour operators in Fort portal who offer guided biking excursions through different trails, some individuals can engage in community volunteering projects and many others.

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