What to park for gorilla trekking safari in uganda

What to pack for a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda

What to park for gorilla trekking safari in Uganda : Gorilla trekking is the most popular activity carried out in Uganda and it involves visitors moving into the tropical rainforests in search of the habituated gorilla families and once found spend one hour with them in their natural habitat.  Gorilla trekking is an exciting and adventurous activity which is carried out in two national parks in Uganda that is Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. there are other national parks in Africa that offer gorilla trekking activity including Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

After acquiring a gorilla trekking permit and making payments for your gorilla trekking safari the next important factor is the gorilla trekking gears to pack. This is an important aspect because gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in high elevation grounds, tropical forests where it can rain anytime of the day therefore in order to have a successful gorilla trekking safari you are advised to pack various essentials including

Waterproof hiking boots

The hiking shoes should be light, reach your ankle and comfortable so as to give your stability, support, protect you from twisting and also keep your feet dry when trekking especially during the rainy season when the trails are muddy and slippery.

Thick socks

The long thick socks will be tucked into your trousers so as to protect you from red fire ants, safari ants among others which might enter your trousers.

Garden gloves,

The garden gloves will help you to support yourself, protect you from thorny plants, nettles and germs during trekking. Garden gloves can however be removed when taking photos and recording videos of the mountain gorillas during the one hour.

Long sleeved shirt and trousers,

The long sleeved shirt and trousers will keep you warm especially during morning hours because the gorilla destinations are always cold in the morning and at night. They will also protect your body from nettles, thorns among others which can scratch your skin.

Waterproof rain jacket/poncho  

The rain jacket will protect you from rainfall because both Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park are tropical rainforests which implies that rain can be expected anytime of the day regardless of the season.

Insect repellent

There are many insects such as tsetse flies, mosquitos among others in the gorilla destinations therefore applying insect repellent will protect your body from insect bites.


The hat will protect your head and neck from rain and direct sun and for the ladies the hat will protect your hair from rain droppings and also ensure that it doesn’t get stuck in the tree branches

Warm sweater

Due to the fact that the gorilla destinations are located at high elevations it usually gets so cold in the morning and at night therefore a warm sweater will keep you warm.

Energy giving snacks

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park takes 30 minutes to 7 hours depending on the location of the gorillas because they like to move from one destination to another in search of food and once they are found you will be allowed to spend one hour with them in their natural habitat therefore the energy giving snacks such as drinking water, packed lunch will boost your energy during trekking.

Camera and extra batteries

When going for a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda a camera is very important in that it will be used to take photos and record videos during the one hour you are given with the gorillas. However you should turn off the flash when taking photos of the gorillas so as to minimize behavioral disturbances.

A pair of binoculars

Both Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park harbor various wildlife species including birds, animals like elephants, buffaloes, duikers, primates like chimpanzees, l’hoest monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons among others. Some of these wildlife species can be viewed during trekking in the thick forests therefore a pair of binoculars will help you to have clear views of various species.

Waterproof backpack

A back pack will be used to carry all your belongings and essentials such as camera, binoculars, energy snacks among others. In case you have many items you can hire a porter to carry your backpack.

Walking stick

A walking stick will give you support, balance during trekking in steep, muddy and slippery grounds. It can be purchased at the park headquarters, at the lodge or purchasing it from the local communities around the national parks which means that you will be contributing to community development.

Hiring a porter

Gorilla trekking is strenuous due to the fact that mountain gorillas live in high altitude areas which are steep therefore visitors are advised to hire porters in that a porter will give you a push and pull in steep and slippery grounds and also carry your backpack during trekking.

You can contact Achieve Global Safaris for more information about packing list for gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or in case you want to go on a gorilla trekking safari.