What you need to know about a Homestay safari Uganda

What you need to know about a Homestay safari Uganda : A homestay safari is a safari that gives a tourist a traditional accommodation in a local community during their time as the tourists are seafaring in the country. Usually, the tourist will stay at a local’s house or share a house with a local within a given community.

In Uganda there are a number of homestays that can give you the homestay safari.  The popular home stays in Uganda are found at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains near Fort Portal and this is where most tourists go. However other regions and areas in the country also have homestays that you can enjoy which include the Tinka homestay near Kibale National Park, Judith Rutaro homestay near Queen Elizabeth national park.  blue star homestay near Mount Elgon National Park and Tuza homestay in Kisoro near Mgahinga National Park among other homestays .

So what do you need to know about the homestay?

  1. Why it’s called a homestay, is that during your entire safari period you are staying in a local community accommodation facility similar to that of the locals. In fact some areas you stay in a house of the locals. So what makes the name of the safari is the accommodation not the activities the tourists do. This means you can still go for you game drives and other safari activities.
  2. On a homestay safari you get to spice up your safari with other community activities cooking local dishes with the locals, learning local norms from the community, engaging in traditional activities with the locals among other things.
  3. The advantage of this type of stay, you get to spend you safari in a friendly, warm and clean accommodation within the safety of the family and community.
  4. The homestay are more cost-friendly than the hotels and other modern accommodation facilities. Even the meals are very affordable because you are usually making them yourself or eating with the community what you have prepared together.
  5. Because give you an experience like you are at your home, they give you plenty of room to do things in your comfort as if you were at your home. In fact if you are doing a safari with kids this would be a good experience for them. Your children get to play with the locals children.

    What you need to know about a Homestay safari Uganda
    Homestay safari Uganda
  6. Also you should note that unlike at the hotel where you find food already prepared at a homestay you will have to go buy the food ingredients, meaning on this homestay safari you enjoy grocery shopping just like you would when you are at your home.
  7. If you are doing safari activities from a homestay, you will be commuting to the game parks, so you have to plan for that. It helps if you choose a home stay near the game parks you would like to visit during your Uganda safari.
  8. If you are doing a homestay, you need to know services like laundry care are on you so prepare your mind for that. And have a plan on how to do those services without affecting your trip and safari plans.
  9. Homestay facilities are quite far from the town so, as you choose a homestay, make sure the place has all the things you need for the time you will be at the homestay.
  10. Homestays can last more than a month, depending on the agreement you have between you and the community family you staying with or near. So we feel they are perfect for you if you want a family feel on your visit to Uganda.