Where Is The Best Place To See Lions In Uganda?

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Where Is The Best Place To See Lions In Uganda? Uganda the pearl of Africa is known to be among the top most destinations among few countries in Africa that has many large numbers of lion species and therefore this attracts many tourists to travel from all over the parts of the world to go on an adventurous safari to track lions hence this promotes and develops the tourism industry of the country. These lion species are ranked and famously known to be among the big five animals in Uganda and the other four include; African elephants, African buffalos, Leopards, Rhinoceros. More so, the lion species are referred to as the “The king of the Jungle” because of their unique characters such as; they are brave, loyal and the most strong species compared to other animals in the park. These lions are live together in their prides with a maximum number of 15 individuals per group and they are social among themselves. These groups usually are made up pf related females with their cubs, which are always noticed being born at the same time and raised together. After the birth of these cubs, the mothers normally spend around two weeks staying in their dens with their cubs with an aim of avoiding attracting predators because of the new build up scent and later they move one by one into the new den. However, the new male who takes over leading the pride has a tendency of killing the other cubs and mates with each one of the females, Where Is The Best Place To See Lions In Uganda?.

African lion species are commonly known as the largest carnivorous animals in the whole of Africa and they can be spotted in many different places in the country. These lions are also commonly referred to as the big cats for example the big grown male lion weighs between 150-250 kilograms whereby a female lion weighs around 120-182 kilograms. If one is to observe the daily lifestyle of these species, it is noticed that  during the hunting these lion species always work and co-operate together but the female lions are seen to be  doing more of the hunting than the male lions however, after the hunting process, it is the male species that eat around 7 kilograms of the meat and the females will only feed around 5 kilograms and the unique about the food of the lions is that they feed on other animal species like; giraffes, buffalos, smaller antelopes and many others.

Best places where to see lions in Uganda.

Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls national park is famously known as the largest national park in Uganda which is located in the northern region of Uganda in Masindi district and it straddles around other districts like; Buliisa, Nwoya and Kiryandongo. This national park is being managed by the Uganda wildlife Authority which works together with the WCS who have a major role of protecting and conserving these lion species within their habitats and they also always monitor the lion population on a daily basis and research shows that this has led to the increase number of the lion population compared to the census that was being carried out in 2009. For tourists exploring within the national park they can easily track these lions within the Northern sector of the park, which is, has around good vegetation and it is being surrounded with savannah grasslands, which act as good natural habitats to the lion species.

Where Is The Best Place To See Lions In Uganda?
Game Drives in Murchison National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest national park in the country that is also considered as the most visited park compared to all other parks in Uganda and this is because it is famously known as the only place where to track the tree-climbing lions. In addition, tourists within this park can easily track these species in the Ishasha sector, Where Is The Best Place To See Lions In Uganda?. Queen Elizabeth National park is located in Southwestern region in Kasese district and spans over other districts like; Kamwenge, Rukungiri and Rubirizi and it is ranked among the top destinations where one can visit to see lion species in Uganda. however for tourists within this park who have their best interest in spotting the lions can embark on other interesting activities like game drives  which are done in two sessions; morning and evening which helps them to move around the park and they are always accompanied with the park guides who lead them and they spot the tree climbing lions as they rest on the brunches of the trees and some of the reasons as to why these climb is that it helps them to avoid the heat and being beaten by parasites while on the ground and also it helps them to set good targets as they spot where their preys are locating hence easing their hunting process. Queen Elizabeth national park is a home to over 250 lion species hence considering it a place tourists should not miss out to visit while on their lion tracking safari in Uganda.

 Kidepo Valley national park.

Kidepo valley national park is located in the Northeastern part of Uganda and it is considered to be among the best places in Uganda where tourists can be able to see large numbers of lions. In addition, in 2015, this national park was ranked by the CNN to be a good place to track lions because it is well known to be a home to over 132 lion species. In addition, tourists touring around this park can always sight see the lions in this park as they rest on the random rocks and others are spotted while wandering around the park looking for food.

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