Wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park

Game viewing in Kidepo valley national park

Wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park

Wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park: Kidepo national park has opened up as Africa’s new frontier in safari tourism and is fast becoming a preferred destination for many tourists planning to go on an African safari especially Uganda wildlife safaris and cultural tours. The park is home to some of Africa’s big five and other rare wildlife and birds. Below here is a classification of what you will see on a safari in Uganda visiting Kidepo National Park;

African Bush Elephant; its scientific name is (Loxodonta africana) and it is the largest and heaviest land animal on earth with a height of 13ft at the shoulder and weighing 10.4 tones. The African Elephant is one of the big five that many look forward to seeing on a safari in Uganda and you can find many of them in the Narus valley of Kidepo national park so it is one of the common animals in Kidepo.

Buffalo; the African Buffalo, also commonly referred to as the Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer), is a large African bovine but slightly smaller than the wild water buffalo. Although it looks like a cow, it is never domesticated because of its unpredictable nature and it is regarded as a very dangerous animal because buffaloes are responsible for over 200 human deaths every year. The buffalo’s horns are its distinctive characteristic; it had fused bases which is a continuous bone shield referred to as a “boss”! They are also part of the big five and you will find herds of them in Kidepo national park on a Uganda safari. They are also part of the common animals in Kidepo.

Ostrich; the Ostrich is the largest species of any bird and it is native to Africa. It is distinctive in its appearance with a long neck and legs. It is flightless and can run up to 70km/h making it the fastest bird on land. Given its size, the Ostrich lays the biggest egg of all birds. The Ostrich is one of the common animals in Kidepo National park and you can look forward to seeing it while on your safari in Uganda. There many more interesting animals in Kidepo including among others, the list below;

– Zebras (common sight)
– Lions (occasional)
– Leopards (occasional)
– Cheetahs (occasional)
– Striped Hyenas (occasional)
– Rothschild’s giraffe (rare)

The above, combined with a visit to the Karimojong and virgin nature, create a life time experience of a Uganda safari in Kidepo national Park.