Zika Forest

Zika Forest : Uganda is one of the most blessed countries in with various flora and fauna in it starting from the least expected destinations to the most famous destinations there is a lot to learn and know about.

While on a Uganda safari one expects to have the best of the countries beauty and stunning moments that is why at Achieve global safaris we look at what will thrill your mind up.

 With Achieve global safaris you have the chance to explore Uganda to the beam of it and in this article we bring you yet another thrilling destination that you must have a visit at while on a Kampala city tour in Uganda

The zika forest is one of the least known forests in Uganda but yet providing the most excellent breathe taking moments as you choose to have a tour at Entebbe city in Uganda.

The Zika Forest is a tropical forest near Entebbe in Uganda covering an area of about 25 hectares with a rich biodiversity in plants and moths, and is home to about 40 types of mosquitoes.

The Zika Forest is named from a kiganda word which simply means ‘overgrown’ and this is where the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) of Entebbe is based and this destination has been made notorious after the awareness of Zika Virus.

The Zika Forest is home to numerous bio diversity of swamps and that is why it has lots of mosquitoes in it of about 40 types of mosquitoes and the forest does not only have mosquitoes but also other wildlife such as 60  moth types and 35 saturnalia plus also some leopards, snakes and monkeys.

The zika forest is rich in flora as well due to the numerous bio diversity of swamps, full of crocodiles, grasslands as well as forest types, spreading to Lake Victoria all these have turned the destination to be extremely famous.

There are various safari activities that can be done and with the help of trusted Tour Operator who can be able to achieve a great and massive venture in Uganda.

Safari activities that can take place in the forest are extremely thrilling and unforgettable for they give excellent views of the forest and better knowledge about the forest and the zika virus as well in Uganda and these involve;

Safari activities in the zika forest

Picnic Holiday: get to have a break from Entebbe and Kampala’s bustling life or even any other bustling life from any other city as you get to spend some time in the forest for the zika forest is surely an ideal place for a family picnic.

Bird Watching: the zika forest is an ideal destination for bird watching as of the fact that the forest is one of the smallest forests with mature trees which make it a perfect home for different birds and the right destination to a bird lover.

Nature walk: on a nature walk through the zika forest one has the chance to get to learn more about the great tree species and other natural features in the forests such as the moths and so very many other species because the walk gives you the best knowledge as you sight the forest fully.

Zika Forest
Zika Forest

Environmental study: the zika forest has a lot to be learnt about right from the zika virus institute as you get to know more about the Aedes mosquito first spread Zika to rhesus monkeys, then spreading further to humans all this is to be learnt while on the environmental study in zika forest.

 All these and lots more are the best kinds of safari activities that one can engage in while in Uganda and lots more other safari activities that can be engaged in within Entebbe city.

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