7 Days Discover Karamoja Cultural tour

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7 Days Discover Karamoja Cultural tour

7 Days Discover Karamoja Cultural tour: Karamoja region is one of the unexplored regions in Uganda yet with a lot to explore in relation to culture and wildlife Uganda safaris. It is located in the far North-eastern part of Uganda including districts of Kaabong, Kotido, and Moroto. This region offers diverse range of landscapes, wildlife and has a rich culture. It is blessed with 2 national park that is Kidepo national park and Pian Upe wildlife reserve which located in the south part of Karamoja region and home to numerous rare species such as the Roan Antilope, Topis, Gazelles, Heartbeest and Eland.  While Kidepo valley national park is home to rich variety of animals with spectacular scenery. Kidepo national park is listed by CNN as third best Wildlife Safari park in Uganda.

Karamonja region has the most interesting and unique culture to explore while on a Uganda cultural safari. The Karamojong people are believed to have migrated 1600 AD from Ethiopian highlands, and settled in the present day Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. The Karamong people are divided in about 7 ethnic tribes including; the Jie, Bokora, Pian, Pokoth, Dodoth, Lebtur, and Matheniko who now live on the plains and mountains of the indigenous inhabitants, the IK and the Tepeth.  The Karamonja people are mainly pastoralists recognised by their traditional dress code that is similar to the Masai of Kenya and Tanzania. Karamonja region is about 1,000 meters above sea level and it is set on a large plateau with 4 mountains overlooking the region’s savannah highlands and River valleys, these mountains include; Mount Moroto in the East, Mount Morungole in the north, Mount Napak and Mount Kadam. So if you are active travellers and interested in hikes, Karamoja region is the best place to go for adventure. 

The best time to visit Karamoja region is during the dry months of January, February, March and December. You can as well visit in the wet months of April to May but the path ways are usually difficult to use given bad road conditions.  Initially Karamojang people were known to be hostile because of the cattle raiding practised by the local people against their neighbouring tribes however, the region is secure now and can be visited anytime of the year. The Uganda People Deference force disarmed the guns from the Karamojas and since then peace was restored. Today Karamoja is a safe place to visit. This 7 Days discover Karamoja region will take you through the most interesting experience you can ever enjoy in the region, from wildlife to culture and adventure. 

Highlights of the Safari 

  • Day 1: Transfer to Kidepo national park
  • Day 2: Full day game drive – Narus valley and Kidepo valley 
  • Day 3: Climb Mount Morungole to visit the IK tribe (4hrs up, 2hrs down)
  • Day 4: Visit the Dodoth community – Transfer to Kotido 
  • Day 5: Visit the Jie community (Cattle market) – Transfer to Moroto (Overnight in a Kraal)
  • Day 6: Transfer to Kumi – Nyero Rock paintings
  • Day 7: Drive back to Kampala

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Kidepo national park

Depending on your location in Kampala, you will meet our company representative who will also your safari guide during the safari. Early morning after breakfast, embark on your long journey to Kidepo valley national park located in the far North-Eastern part of Uganda in the semi-arid area of the Karamojong region. It’s a 9-10 hours’ drive through the beautiful scenery of the northern region of Uganda with en-route lunch in Gulu town. Upon arrival in Kidepo national park late afternoon, proceed to check-in your lodge for dinner and overnight stay at 

  • Luxury option: Apoka Safari lodge
  • Mid-range option: Kidepo Savannah Lodge
  • Budget option: Apoka Rest Camp

Day 2: Full day game drive – Narus valley and Kidepo valley

Wake up early and connect for a morning game drive in Narus valley. As you enjoy your game drive, bush breakfast will be served and return for more adventure in the savannah plains of Kidepo national park on your morning game drive in Narus valley. This area is famous for finding the big 4 game including the lions, elephants, leopards and buffaloes. If you are lucky, you will spot the Cheetahs and hyenas as well. Other animals to be found include the kobs, Oribi, Zebras, the giraffes to mention a few.  Return to the lodge for lunch.

Later afternoon, connect for yet another game drive in the Kidepo valley. This area is further and it is where you will find the Ostrich birds and other animals. This area is closer to South Sudan border to Uganda. You will also visit the hot springs of Kanangorok before you return to your lodge. Spend the rest the rest of the evening at leisure. Dinner and overnight stay at lodge as above

Day 3: Climb Mount Morungole to visit the IK tribe (4hrs up, 2hrs down)

After breakfast, drive to the starting point of Mount Morungole located in the absolute northern hills of Karamoja. Here is where we find the smallest tribe of Uganda called the IK. The IK people lived in nowdays Kidepo national park but were misplaced when the area was gazetted as a national park. The IK now live on Mount Morungole ridges as a community. Visiting the IK people gives visitors a rare insight into the unique tribe/culture in Africa. You will also enjoy the beautiful scenery, the higher the climb takes you, the more breath-taking the scenes in the valleys below and into the Eastern rift valley of Kenya and over to southern Sudan. After the hike, drive to check-in at Kaabong Resort hotel for relaxation, dinner and overnight stay

Day 4: Visit the Dodoth community – Transfer to Kotido and visit the Jie community

After breakfast, meet your guide and visit a Dodoth community. The Dodoth are the Karamojong group that settled in Kaabong area, they have a unique culture that is interesting to experience. Thereafter, transfer to Kotido which takes about 3-4 hours’ drive. Upon arrival in Kitodi, enjoy lunch then connect to visit the Jie community in Kotida.  They also belong to the Karamoja tribe and they are known to be warriors. Connect to your booked hotel for dinner and overnight stay at La Maison Hotel 

Day 5: Visit the traditional cattle market – Transfer to Moroto (Overnight in a Kraal)

After your breakfast, connect to the visit the traditional cattle market. This market is where people can to buy and sell cattle and it only takes place on a Wednesday. So plan your trip accordingly to enable you visit the cattle market. You will also visit the largest nomadic group in Africa who are located in Kotido district. You will participate in traditional games, daily activities as preparing staples foods, harvesting, beading, learning, dance, traditional friendly wrestling and know how to shoot using a bow and arrow.

Thereafter, transfer to Moroto. It’s about 3-4 hours’ drive with en-route lunch.  Connect to a community and learn more about the Karamojong people who are the real pastoralists. Experience the typical Karamoja pastoral life by visiting a kraal with their shepherds. You will participate in bringing the cows to the Kraal, play games with the worries and tell stories and learn the monadic life of the Karamojong people. You will spend a night in a tent close to the kraal.

Day 6: Transfer to Kumi – Nyero Rock paintings

After breakfast, embark on your jouruery to the Eastern part of Uganda that is the Kumi district where we find the Nyero rock painting. It’s a 6-7 hours’ drive via Soroti- Kampala road with en-route lunch. Upon reaching Ngora, drive to explore the rock paintings, learn detailed informational about the rocks that are said to have been settled by the Batwa people before they were misplaced to the south western part of Uganda. Take pictures and drive back to Kumi town where your accommodation is. Dinner and overnight stay at Kumi Hotel

7 Days Discover Karamoja Cultural tour
7 Days Discover Karamoja Cultural tour

Day 7: Transfer back to Kampala/Entebbe

Wake up for the delicious breakfast very early, check-out of the hotel and set off for Kampala with en-route lunch in Jinja town and other several stops where you will need to stretch and refresh. This journey takes about 7-8 hours on road. You will be dropped at a location you will advise in Kampala/Entebbe or connect to Entebbe airport for your onward flight back home.

End of the 7 Days Discover Karamoja Cultural tour