Amenities At Apoka Safari Lodge

Apoka Safari Lodge

Amenities At Apoka Safari Lodge : Apoka safari lodge is located in the centre of the heart of Kidepo national park, which is situated at the edge of the beautiful Narus valley, which has stunning waters where many wildlife species always go to quench their thirst. Apoka safari lodge is ranged as a luxury safari lodge which is made up of around 10 luxurious rooms which are well constructed and designed with natural materials such as stones and wood that blend in with the surrounding environment. Many tourists prefer most especially those having their adventurous safari within Kidepo national park find it favourable to have their stay at this lodge which provides them with enough comfort during their stay because it contains big comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms which have both warm and cold showers, hand woven carpets, stylish dressing robes, wardrobes where guests keep and arrange their clothes, flushing toilets, mosquito nets that protects visitors from accruing diseases like malaria, a private outdoor tub, private verandas which provides visitors with their privacy and also where they sit as they chill and relax off the long day while capturing classic views of the national park.

Visitors having their stay at Apoka safari lodge always enjoy their stay due to the peaceful and calm environment in the surrounding for example, these guests always wake to beautiful melodies the bird singing due to the fact that Kidepo valley national park is famously known to be among the best birding destinations in Uganda because it is a home to over 480 bird species  hence giving a chance to visitors to sight see different bird species like; the golden pipit, Emin’s shrike, Fox’s weaver, ostriches, Lesse kestrel, black-winged  and many others. more so, visitors during their free time for those who have their interest in exploring and learning new experiences can always opt to participate in interesting activities like; wildlife viewing where they get sight see wildlife species like; buffalos, giraffes, zebras, lions, waterbucks and many others, they can also go for game drives which are usually done in two sessions and they required to pay for them at fee of about 40 USD fir the morning drives and 30 USD for the evening drives per person. Other individuals can engage in guided nature walks, bird watching and community visits where they get chances to interact with the IK people, swimming for those who have good swimming skills, cultural encounters, mountain climbing to the Lomej mountains, and among others.

More so, individuals planning to have their stay at this safari lodge should note that the check-in time of this lodge begins at 2:00pm and the checkout time is 12:00pm.  Therefore, tourists who decide to spend an astonishing night at this lodge are required to pay a fee of about 700 USD per person for a night.

Amenities At Apoka Safari Lodge
Amenities At Apoka Safari Lodge

Amnesties/ facilities offered at Apoka safari lodge.

Individuals who opt to have their stay at Apoka safari lodge are always offered with a number of facilities which enable them to have a satisfactory stay at this lodge and these include; a good restaurant which has well experienced and trained waiters who serve delicious meals  which are either both local and international giving an opportunity to visitors to eat what they prefer, a swimming pool where visitors who have good swimming skills always go to swim and cool off their hot long day while capturing classic views of the park, free Wi-Fi that is always available hence helping the visitors to keep good communication with their people back at home and for those who are a fun of social media to keep their funs posted with how they are enjoying their stay, a gift shop where guests to go to buy some of their essentials that they need such as; drinking water, note books, crafts and other materials like; jewelry to take for their people back at home, free breakfast that is always served within their rooms, a 24 hour room service which enables guests to be attended to at any time they in need of something, a 24 hour tight security in order to ensure the safety of their guests, laundry and ironing services, free parking for those that come with their cars, and many others.

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