About Kidepo National Park

About Kidepo National Park

About Kidepo National Park : Kidepo valley national park is found in Karamoja region in the  North eastern part of Uganda region, near Karenga in Kaabong District close to the border of Kenya and south sudan . The park was established in 1958 as a game reserve and later turned into the park in 1962 making it the Oldest among others. It  is Operated and managed by Uganda wildlife authority. Kidepo National park is uganda’s hidden Gem situated in the beautiful landscape of Rugged hills , vast savannah vegetation with unique wildlife, Narus Valleys among others. Kidepo national park covers the total area of 1,442 kilometers squared with altitude of 914m above sea level dominated by 2,750 meters mount Morungole across kidepo and the Narus river. The park has a true wilderness feel since its in the remote areas and it is the great destination for safari to adventurous travellers.

How to get there;

You can be in Kidepo valley national park either by tour agent/company or self- drive. It takes approximately 9-10 hour’s drive (570km) from Kampala /Entebbe international airport via Kampala- karuma – Gulu- Kitgum -Kidepo road and then 2-3 hours’ flight from Entebbe international airport to Kidepo airstrip using Aerolink or bar aviation.  The park can be accessed using different gates.

About Kidepo National Park
Kidepo Valley National Park Ostriches’

They Include; Nataba gate (The main entry that connects to south eastern side) and Lokumoit  gate where travellers from the south western side of Kitgum and gulu enter through.

Before accessing the park promises Entrance fee is charged;

That’s the money charged by (government body) Uganda wildlife Authority in charge of Tourism from Tourists Before accessing the park promises. Foreign residents are charged 30 USD per person, Non foreign residents are charged 40USD per person and Ugandans 20,000 ugx per adult and children are charged 20usd per child non-foreign resident, 10usd per child foreign resident and 5,000 ugx per child Ugandan. Please note that park entrance fee is for only one day that’s 24 hours and Park Entrance permits are given at All the gates

Kidepo valley national park has different attraction and activities that includes;

Game viewing since there are over 76 species of mammals  inclusive of only four of the africa’s big four animals  that incudes ;  Elephants , Lions,  Buffaloes  ,leopards and other animals Giraffes , spotted hyenas, bush bucks , elands , zebras, bush pigs , Jackson wildebeest, warthogs among others. The best time to be  in  Kidepo national park is during the long dry season that lasts from september  and through march  , vegetation is always sparse and watching over animals roaming along the waterhole  and July and August.

Birding /bird watching in the Narus and Kidepo valley especially for bird lovers since the park has over 480 species of birds including the  28 species of birds from Somali – masai and Sudan- Guinea savannah biomes that re Endemic birds ( Birds that are only found in the defined area)  Some birds in the park include;  ostriches( Commonest bird species in the park ) , secretary birds , kori bustards,  Red Throated bee eaters , Karamoja Apilas , yellow and red spotted barbet, white crested,  and many more.  ALL these birds can be spotted around the fringes of Narus and Namumukweny valley.

Cultural visits in the local village where tourists are entertained with traditional local dances participating in process of fishing, making crafts for sale. You explore the Karamojong Culture while in the park, Nature walks , hiking mount  Morungole.

Kidepo valley national park has different categories of  lodging/accommodation inside and outside with budget option, mid- range and luxury that meets guests choices.

Budget lodges in Kidepo valley  national park include;  APOKA rest camp Operated by Uganda wildlife authority , Mara safari lodge Kidepo, Churchil hotel Gulu , boma Hotel Kitgum among others.

Mid- range lodges include;  Adere safari lodge , Kidepo savannah lodge , zebra  safari lodge  among others.

Luxury lodges is APOKA SAFARI LODGE overlooking the vast and beautiful plains of kidepo since its in the middle of the pork..