Game Drives Kidepo National Park

Game Drives Kidepo

Game Drives Kidepo National Park

Game Drives in Kidepo are one of the key most sought activities for any Savannah game park and are also the main activity in Kidepo National Park. Game drives are done early morning or late in the evening. Therefore they are divided into Night Game Drives and the normal day time game drives.

Game Drives – Day time

Kidepo national park is Uganda’s best tourist destination for game viewing. Unlike other Uganda national parks, Kidepo valley national park has a variety of wild animals in largest populations. The park has mainly two places for game drives that are Narus Valley and Kidepo valley. Narus valley is vast grassland rolling plain amongst distant views mountains and hills. Narus valley is rewarded with permanent water supply from Narus River that which attracts large concentrations of animals in the valley throughout the year. Commonly found animals in Narus whilst on a game drive include the Savannah elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, Uganda kobs, waterbacks, lions and hippos in some of the water logged areas to mention but a few. Kidepo valley unlike Narus valley is has less concentration of animals given its dry nature however driving through the Kidepo valley is thrilling while exploring the dry Kidepo with white sand bed. While on game drives in the Kidepo valley for wildlife like the Ostriches, a visit of the hot springs is must not, the Kanangorok hot springs lay about 11m over Kidepo river on South Sudan border. The Cheetahs and the Ostrich bird are the unique animals that tourists look out when they visit the park. Other animals to be enjoyed while on a game drive in Kidepo include; the Zebras, Kangoni, hyenas, Eland, Cape buffalo, lions, leopards, elephants, warthog, bush duiker, Jackal, bush back to mention but a few.

Night Game Drive

Night game drives are usually the highlights for a safari trip and a sun set way of ending your day in Kidepo national park in a 4X4 Safari van. A night game drive is the only game viewing time that exposes you to the nocturnal animals. Some of the animals that tourists look out in Narus valley while on a night game drive in the park include; Cheetah, Guenther’s dik-dik, Reedbuck to mention a few, not forgetting to encounter some of the predators like the lions, leopards feeding on their hunted prey, they can also be found lying on the rocks in Narus valley. For tourists interested in the night game drive, you are recommended to take a park ranger guide with you and a brightly lighting touch that will bring out your light in the darkness. Enjoy a night game drive safari in Kidepo valley national park with sounds of animals like the hyenas.