Hiking in kidepo valley national park


Hiking in kidepo valley national park

Hiking: Though Karamoja region is generally a flat plain, Kidepo valley national park is a land of contrasting landscapes and land features. From beautiful flat plains bustling with grasslands, to plateaus teaming with woodlands, the dry riverbanks lined with desert palm forests and highlands buzzing with montane forests. Kidepo valley national park is a have-it-all Uganda safari destination. Each landscape has unique wildlife mammals, birds and other wildlife species that capture every traveler’s imaginations, going about their routine. The breathtaking natural settings attract curiosity and raise suspicions amongst visitors on tour of Uganda. Many travelers find it hard to resist the temptation to wander into, explore the wilderness and discover the beauty hidden away from the crowd. Note it is mandatory to get a ranger escort for any hike. 

From Apoka many travelers wander into the wilderness confident in the hope ranger has the required experiences and determination to achieve visitors’ objectives. Early morning is before the temperatures of the day rise, is the ideal time to start the hiking safari. Lomej Mountains are the most popular destination for hiking safaris because the hikers encounter wonderful sightings along the way and takes averagely a few hours for even amateur hikers. The summit of Lomej Mountains gives magnificent views of the Narus valley and the adjacent areas.

The hiking safari into the Kidepo valley is an opportunity to explore the beautiful sand banks surrounded with magnificent borassus palm forests. The visitors gaze in awe as winds sway the palm forests in all directions producing a cracking sound as branches crush into each other sending the hikers into another world. Many travelers find the sand banks in Kidepo valley a perfect rendez vous for picnic lunch, sand sports, photography and sundowners. Other visitors with extra adrenalin for adventure go an extra mile onto the Kanangorok hot spring and explore a unique natural spa with exciting tales about its formation. The 9-hour hiking safari to Morungole Mountains is a test of body fitness, perseverance and patience rewarded with an exciting balanced mix of scenic exploration, wilderness adventure and cultural safaris. The hikers wander through montane forest, rough terrain and hike to higher altitude with magnificent views of the Karamoja plains.

The climax of the hike is a visit to the Ik tribe; a community that has remained true to traditional Africa lifestyle observes anything foreign with suspicion and resists interference with their lifestyles. It is a necessity to have ranger escort who knows the wilderness environment, language, culture and customs of the indigenous people on any hiking safari into Kidepo valley national park. Start the hike in the morning when wildlife species are very active to appreciate the beauty of the wilderness. Carry enough drinking water, snack, lunch box, first aid kit, walking stick, binocular, camera, map, sun scream, insect repellant and guidebook. It is appropriate to dress in safari trousers tucked in strong socks, long sleeved light clothes in dull colors, hiking shoes, safari hut or cap, sunglasses and rain gear in rainy season. Non-foreign residents $30, foreign residents $15 and East Africans 10,000= are the charges for hiking fees.