Apoka Tourism Zone

Apoka Tourism Zone

The travel on Uganda tour into Kidepo valley national park must at all costs visit the Apoka tourism zone. If Kidepo valley national park is the heart of Uganda tourism with unique tourist attractions, then Apoka is the artery that pumps blood through the rest of the body. Apoka is set in a series of gentle rolling hill in the middle of the wilderness with magnificent views of adjacent Narus valley and the rest of Kidepo valley national park.

Kidepo valley national park management and administration offices are located at Apoka and it is the command post for tourism and related services. The visitors’ reservations office receives bookings and payment for activities visitors on tour of Uganda in Kidepo valley national park want to take part in. A team of smartly dressed rangers, well informed of the wildlife trends and great experiences of Kidepo valley national park escort the visitors on tourism activities of interest. Some tourism activities like nature walk require visitors to get ranger escorts but optional for other activities like game viewing safaris.

There is an airfield at Apoka for light aircraft for visitors arriving or departing Kidepo valley national park by air. There are scheduled internal flights at Apoka to the rest of Uganda and possibilities of charter flights to transfer to other Uganda safari destinations are very possible. The travelers arriving by flight can book safari car to explore the Kidepo valley national park at Apoka tourism office or the hotel.

Apoka Safari Lodge set in a serene and ambient African bush is a luxury hotel with arguably the best quality service in the Karamoja region is located at Apoka hills. Apoka safari lodge offers its visitors options of transfer to hotel in hotel car and game viewing safaris in customized safari jeeps. The Apoka Rest Camp offers accommodation services for low travel budget travelers. The services are basic where visitors book for meals at a restaurant and share washrooms, but to the traveler with extreme love for nature and wildlife, such conditions are a necessary temporary challenge.

There is an African craft shop at Apoka where visitors can purchase Uganda safari souvenir items, authentic African wear and gifts for the friends back home. The canteen has stock of basic groceries, beverages and snacks at discounted rates in comparison to the rest of places around Apoka. Wildlife species roam the Apoka territory and some particular mammal species and bird species are regular visitors to the visitors’ premises.

Loud roars of lions and howls of hyenas in the neighborhood go on all through the night. It is highly risky to venture out of your room at night without very bright flashlight and unnecessarily for wildlife closes on hotel premises and lawns under the cover of darkness in the night. Most wildlife safaris in Kidepo valley national park begin at Apoka. There is a watering hole in the adjacent valley where different mammal species congregate under the scorching sun to cool their thirst. In the adjacent valley is the Narus valley where most wildlife species congregate because of permanent supply of water all through the year.