Nature Walk

nature walk

Nature Walk in Kidepo  national park 

Nature Walk in kidepo national park : Kidepo valley national park is a beautiful Uganda travel destination with amazing attractions. The beautiful landscape with breathtaking sceneries is captivating and enchanting. The beauty of the wilderness spreads beyond the valleys ahead and seems to touch the sky. The travelers on tour feel the urge to traverse the wilderness, wander into the beautiful savannas and discover the beauty underneath. The game viewing safaris get visitors to attractions close to the tracks, yet the wilderness is full to the brim with amazing things to see. The nature walk into the wilderness gets travelers closest to wildlife and gives travelers rare and authentic wilderness experiences.

The successful nature walk safari starts at 7am at Apoka tourism office where you meet up with the ranger escort. The ranger shares amazing wilderness experiences, gives travelers high sense of comfort and security besides having knowledge of recent sighting areas of attractions. The walk to Narus valley is popular with visitors because of it is short average 5km radius of pure bliss, has beautiful sceneries and an amazing population of wildlife species. This walk explores the wilderness that has watering holes and the visitors have opportunities of capturing amazing wildlife scenes. The visitors on walk into the Narus valley have opportunity to encounter buffalos, zebras, giraffe, hartebeest, warthogs, leopard, lion, cheetah, elephants, waterbucks, other mammal species and a large collection of beautiful bird species. Constant grazing of large herds of mammal species in the same area keeps the vegetation short giving the visitors an opportunity to capture amazing wildlife sightings a distance away. The nature walk through the Narus valley gives clear panoramic views of the valley and the Kidepo plains onto the Morungole mountain ranges. Namamukweny valley is another popular walking destination for the visitors seeking more time to explore nature deeper into the wilderness. Many visitors abandon the comfort of the safari cars and wander into the Kidepo valley dipping their feet into the residues of river sands. The walk in the Kidepo valley explores the desert palms a habitat with unique bird species notably the ostrich.

The duration of nature walk depends on weather conditions, the physical fitness of the visitors and the sightings in the wilderness. Half-day walks starting at 7am end when the sun is beginning to hit hard and the wildlife species get into their hiding corners are very popular. The appropriate dress for walk is pair of safari shorts, hiking shoes with strong socks, light tops in dull color, safari hut or cap, sunglasses and rain gear during rainy season. Carry drinking water, snack, insect repellant, sun scream, binoculars, camera, map, compass, guidebook and first aid kit. Please pack on essential items in the backpack. The walk costs Non-foreign resident $30, Foreign-residents $15 and East African citizens 10,000/=.